What is it with Women and Food?

Women have long since had a hard time with food. The statistics nowadays for women with eating disorders is through the roof – and that’s just those who have been diagnosed.

Of course it’s not just women that have food issues – men have too. But women seem to be bearing the brunt of this strange affliction of the modern world.

Information on women’s diets is everywhere. Combined with photoshopped images of “perfect” women’s bodies; it truly is crazy. Thankfully there is also a movement of ‘self love’ and ‘self acceptance’ which seems to be gathering pace.

Here’s a fantastic succession of images from a young lady who has recovered from anorexia.

Eating Disorder Recovery


A quick look in Google trends shows us all the most common searches that are related to binge eating – the most common eating disorder amongst women:

According to these stats, almost 10 million women in the USA are fighting an eating disorder…



And there are hundreds of thousands of images and adverts out there like this one, which promotes appetite suppressants alongside a picture of a ‘happy’ thin model. Something needs to be done about this!!



What do you think about all this? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below.

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