What Makes the Ketogenic Diet So Great?

Eating steak on the keto dietThe Ketogenic diet is growing in popularity by the minute, and it is becoming easier and easier to ‘stay Keto’ even when eating out or having ‘treats.’ Many restaurants have no problem with bringing you your burger without a bun and with extra salad. Not only that even Pizza Express now offers ‘super-food salads,’ where the key ingredients are high-fat nuts and olives and so on.

Eating Keto Tastes Great!

Perhaps the biggest draw for the Ketogenic diet is the fact that fats are very much ‘back on the menu.’ In fact, a high level of good fats in every single meal is essential to the Keto lifestyle. What does that mean for taste?

Well… everything!

Where low-fat diets try (often unsuccessfully), to offset the lack of fats with sugars of various kinds, and the Atkinsons diet hugely increases the amount of protein you have to eat (which can give you awful breath), the Keto diet focusses on the best tasting stuff of all – fats.

There’s a reason that fats taste so good, and that is because your body really needs them. The high-fat, low carb combo in keto encourages your body to get on with some serious healing – balancing out your hormones in a way that you might never have thought possible. This is why the Keto diet has been credited with helping people with a variety of different ailments – not just those who are trying to lose weight.

High Fat Diets Help You to Feel Full

Low-fat diets are renowned for being like torture. You find yourself hungry all the time, with no option to satisfy that gnawing feeling without reaching for something bland and tasteless to try and fill you up. Naturally, the fact that there is little fat in the offering means that any ‘full’ feeling doesn’t last, and if anything it seems to make the problem worse. After a few days or weeks of trying to eat like that, most people just give in and stuff their faces – putting back on any weight they may have lost while denying themselves any tasty food.

In fact, people often diet for the sake of the fact that they are about to fill their faces, like when they go on abroad or if a big public holiday is coming. Diets are almost seen as a penance for all the enjoyment you get from food during these times. This seems to be more of an issue for women as Joan says in her blog, Ketogenic Diet for Women.

But why can’t you enjoy your food all the time?

The low-fat diets that have been popular for so many years now have really encouraged this way of thinking about and relating to food, but the ketogenic diet is different. The ketogenic diet is really all about allowing yourself to eat as much as you like of the right foods. Different versions of it are appropriate for different people, and you can easily find a way to eat keto that suits you, whether you want to be vegetarian or even vegan. Most people seem to opt for high-quality meats with great fats and vegetables in abundance. Head over here for easy keto meal plans especially for beginners.