4 Methods to Reach Your Subconscious

Even though the subconscious mind is still a mysterious thing, it can be a very powerful ‘tool’ for you, because it has an enormous amount of knowledge, wisdom, as well as memories. By learning how to enter your subconscious, you can find the solutions you need. It is a source of emotions. The following are some of the best ways that your need to read, in order to know how to tap into your subconscious.

Distract yourself from negative situations

If you need to take some crucial decisions in your life, it’s important to take some time out of your problems and do something that give you pleasure, in order to prevent yourself from obsessing. For example, you can take a long walk or go to the gym to keep your brain working. This way you can unplug yourself from a situation that is troubling you and you can have some time without thinking about it.

Appreciate the good things in your life

When you are relaxed and happy, your nervous system works better and therefore you can take better decisions in your life. The best way to feel gratitude is to be able to focus on appreciation. You can improve your state of brain and body by meditating regularly, which can also help you clear away the clutter of your conscious mind. In fact, meditation can help your creativity and can give you all the energy you need to fulfill your goals and dreams. By appreciating all the good things in your life, you can actually bridge the gap between your subconscious and conscious minds.

Think positive thoughts

It’s important to remember that you need to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. This can actually lead you to a more positive and happy life. Develop the habit of keeping the negative thought patterns at bay. Keep in mind that once you have taken charge of your subconscious thoughts, you have the power to draw to you the things you want by putting the law of attraction to work. You need to remember though that it takes a great desire in order to change your reality, but if you are determined to have a positive attitude you can change your day to the better.

Visualize your goals regularly

You need to visualize of the good things you want regularly. You need to have a clear idea of your goals and be able to think about them in every detail. This way you can create the best conditions for better things to come to you. Visualizing things can help you to fulfill them.

What is it with Women and Food?

Women have long since had a hard time with food. The statistics nowadays for women with eating disorders is through the roof – and that’s just those who have been diagnosed.

Of course it’s not just women that have food issues – men have too. But women seem to be bearing the brunt of this strange affliction of the modern world.

Information on women’s diets is everywhere. Combined with photoshopped images of “perfect” women’s bodies; it truly is crazy. Thankfully there is also a movement of ‘self love’ and ‘self acceptance’ which seems to be gathering pace.

Here’s a fantastic succession of images from a young lady who has recovered from anorexia.

Eating Disorder Recovery


A quick look in Google trends shows us all the most common searches that are related to binge eating – the most common eating disorder amongst women:

According to these stats, almost 10 million women in the USA are fighting an eating disorder…



And there are hundreds of thousands of images and adverts out there like this one, which promotes appetite suppressants alongside a picture of a ‘happy’ thin model. Something needs to be done about this!!



What do you think about all this? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below.

Best Modern Hair Removal Techniques

Being a modern woman is not all about the image you develop, but a neat body plays a huge role in your success. For most women, there is a daily struggle with the hair not only how to find and maintain flattering haircut, but how to get rid of unwanted facial, arm, leg, underarm and pubic hairs without a lot of effort or expenses. Because people are different, the choices in hair removal techniques and hair removal products vary from one person to the other.

It is an effective hair removal technique for nearly every part of the body. It is the most common used and popular hair removal technique for women. Waxing can be performed in the salons and spas or even at home with waxing kit. Wax has a low potential for causing allergic reactions and it is also cheap because it can be reused for several times. The only problem for this technique is the pain that it causes. Even if waxing is considered the safest method, it may have side effects in the eyebrow area. This is because waxing removes a top layer of the skin and the skin around the skin has no oil glands and require a gentle method.

Laser hair removal
The old laser had an effect on darker skin and wasn’t effective on very light hair; modern lasers are used to treat any skin and hair type. It is the efficient way of removing unwanted hair. This method uses pulsed light to remove unwanted hair by destroying it at the root. For noticeable results, you need five sessions at the laser clinic, and you only do it once a year after that. Laser hair removal is expensive than most of the hair removal techniques. One of the best home laser devices in the Philips Lumea. You can read more on the Philips Lumea Review Website.

It is a permanent hair removal method. In the electrolysis process, the cells responsible for the growth of hair is permanently disabled by a small electric current. The hair usually does not grow back. The major drawbacks of this techniques are that it is expensive, and you require 25 sessions to acquire the desired results. Also, it can be painful without the use of local anesthetic cream, because it requires insertion of a tiny needle into each hair follicle.

They look like electric razors, expect they pull out hair from the root instead of cutting it. They are basically electric tweezers which are an effective way of tweezing. Using epilators can be uncomfortable, and the hair must be long enough for it to grasp.

Hormone treatments
They are recommended for women who are suffering excessive hair growth. Some medication such as prescribed birth control pills, incorporated drugs that control hormones responsible for hair growth.

Vaniqa hair removal cream
It is a prescription cream that contains eflornithine chemical that inhibits production of enzymes responsible for hair growth. It may be helpful to women who suffer excessive hair growth.

Depilatory creams
They include compounds that dissolve hair protein. The cream is effective on facial hair, but the hair will grow back faster than in other hair removal methods. The cream must be used at least once a week.