Are Web Designers on Their Way Out?

With the advent of more and more self-hosted platforms that make it very easy for people to build their own websites, are there going to be any jobs left for us web designers? Take a look at this Google trends graph which show the interest in web design over the last 10 years. Definitely a decline going on there.

However, I am hopeful that there will always be a need for web designers because at the end of the day, people want more and more out of their websites. And however clever these self hosted platforms are, us web designers can stay one step ahead by keeping up with current trends and always making sure we are practicing our creativity.

I mean for example, how many of the general public do you think could create a site that looks like this:

Tucson Web And Design -  Programming Online Game

At the end of the day there will always be a need for good web design. So don’t lose hope (as I did recently). Stick with what you love and keep striving to get better.


The Important Frameworks for Web Design

There are two important frameworks for website design:

Functionality and Aesthetics

Both are equally as important as the other, but cover different aspects of what it means to create a website. A website plays three roles. First of all it is the outward facing sales person for the business – on hand 24/7. Secondly it is the user interface for customers who are looking for information, services or products. And thirdly, it is a source of information for Google and other search engines. This third point may not seem inportant because if you cover the first two points then surely this is covered?

Not so. There are certain things Google can see and certain things it can’t. For your website to be fully functional, you need to have optimised it in a way that makes it incredibly easy for Google to know what your site is about.

When you combine these three factors, you truly have a winning website that will carry you and your business a long way.